How We Make Our Mattresses

At NoizZless we build mattresses, designed for your personal health, comfort and peace of mind, using 21st century technology. Every mattress is hand crafted in B.C. using green North American raw materials to deliver more consistent, environmentally responsible and better quality mattresses. We use only virgin materials which are never compressed during transit to ensure better performance. Our stressless covers isolate individual response and our broad range of support and comfort options creates the opportunity for everyone to find their own personal preference in weightless comfort.

Support Core

The support core is the essential part of any mattress. Every NoizZless support core contains millions of air support bubbles surrounded by flexible cell walls. We use only higher density virgin support cores to ensure the structural integrity of every support cell wall remains uncompromised. The millions of support bubbles in our cores may provide sufficient comfort for those customers who desire an extra firm sleeping surface. We provide consumers with the ultimate choice of foam or latex for your support core.

Memory and Memory-gel are only used in the comfort layer of NoizZless mattresses as their cell structures are designed solely for ergonomic comfort. 

Comfort Layer

Our comfort layer is designed to provide the ergonomic configuration which best suits your body at rest. The weightless experience you feel depends on the interaction of millions of cell walls in the comfort layer, in combination with those of the underlying support core. We use only virgin comfort layers to ensure the unique density, support, resilience and hysteresis factors in each of the millions of cell walls remains intact. Through our combination of comfort and support layers, we offer the greatest variety of unique weightless experiences.    

The Cover

The cover for the NoizZless mattress is designed to react locally to individual point movements without disturbing any surrounding areas. Originally designed in Europe, the conventional top edge seam is moved to the bottom edge of the mattress, creating seamless flexibility. This eliminates the macro stresses created in the cover when a body’s weight compresses the mattress. NoizZless covers are available in teddy, bamboo or organic cotton. NoizZless bamboo covers can also be quilted with wool on request.

Choose your support core,
Choose your comfort layer,
Choose your cover.