A mattress with millions of silent cushions is superior to one with hundreds of potentially noisy coils. The silent cushions provide more consistent support for the body at rest and they provide more resilient support for the body in motion. When you choose a spring-free mattress that meets your needs, you are choosing a quiet intimate bedroom where you can privately go about your business and awaken refreshed, full of energy and ready to face the new day. 

•Noiseless comfort and intimacy delivers a quiet bedroom
•Virgin support and comfort layers deliver better performance
•Millions of structural support bubbles deliver superior support.
•The Stressless cover delivers isolated individual response.
•A Range of comfort options delivers personalized weightless comfort.
•Natural plant based materials deliver more eco-friendly mattress.
•North American raw materials deliver better quality and help for our North American economy
•Hand Crafted in B.C. delivers help to the local economy